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Singapore Botanic Gardens Habitat Enhancement & Wildlife Survey

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Scouts is collaborating with the Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) on new programmes, with the aims to create sustainable programmes for Scouts to learn and conserve our native flora and fauna. It also hopes to equip Scouts with knowledge and skills to care and advocate for our rich natural heritage.

Habitat Enhancement & Wildlife Survey

The programme will be conducted over 6 to 7 sessions from April to September 2019. At the end of all the sessions, participants will have the chance to share their learning experience in a short presentation.


Learning Objectives of the Programme:

Habitat enhancement – native tree and shrub planting

– Identify common native trees and shrubs

– Understand the ecological role of plants and the characteristics of their native habitats

– Plant saplings using appropriate horticultural techniques


Removal of alien invasive species

– Identify common invasive plants

– Understand the reproductive biology of invasive plants and their impact on the forest

– Remove invasive plants using appropriate horticultural techniques


Horticultural maintenance – watering, pruning, fertilising

– Identify common plant problems, e.g. drought stress, nutrient deficiency, pest infestation

– Understand the basic needs of plants and how they can be met

– Nurture plants using appropriate horticultural techniques

Monitoring of Tree Growth

– Measure trees using appropriate forestry techniques

– Understand how a tree grows in height and girth


Wildlife Surveys

– Identify common bird and butterfly species

– Record observations in a scientific manner

– Participate in and contribute to a citizen science survey


Criteria Satisfaction

World Scout Environment Programme - Part A
Aim 1: People and natural systems have clean water and clean air
World Scout Environment Programme - Part A
Aim 2: Sufficient natural habitat exists to support native species
World Scout Environment Programme - Part B
Environmental Project
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