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Singapore Botanic Gardens Ecological Monitoring Programme

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Scouts is collaborating with the Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) on new programmes, with the aims to create sustainable programmes for Scouts to learn and conserve our native flora and fauna. It also hopes to equip Scouts with knowledge and skills to care and advocate for our rich natural heritage.

Due to overwhelming response, this programme is at capacity.

Please email us at [email protected] if you require furthur assistance.

Ecological Monitoring Programme

The participants will be involved in the programme for 10 full days within a period of up to a year upon commencement. They will assist in the Gardens’ ecological monitoring programme, which serves to sustain the health of the Gardens’ forest ecosystems.

Participants will be trained by SBG staff and be equipped with knowledge and skills to facilitate the monitoring process. They will work independently in the Gardens’ forested areas to deploy meteorological sensors and collect data.


The data derived from the ecological monitoring programme forms an integral part of NParks’ management plan for the Singapore Botanic Gardens UNESCO World Heritage Site. This will help with understanding the effects of climate change on forest microclimates and ecosystems within the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


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Those who are interested and further enquiries, please contact the Better World Team at [email protected].

Due to overwhelming response, this programme is at capacity.

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