Scouts of the World Award – Rovers Centenary Edition

Rovers around the world are celebrating 100 years of Rover Scouting in 2018. As announced by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) last year, the Rovers Centenary initiatives will include a Scouts of the World Award (SW Award) – Rovers Centenary special edition badge. Through the badge, we are challenging young people worldwide to play their role as active citizens in their communities. 



To get the badge, you will need to fulfil the usual requirements of the SW Award programme along with two additional requirements. 

Scout of the World Discovery

  • Have an introductory session on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the SW Award Discovery programme. 
  • When planning your project, think about a specific SDG or specific SDGs that you want to achieve through your SW Award Voluntary Service Project

For past workshop (pre 2016) participants, please do read up on the SDGs and its relation to Singapore

Read more about the SDGs by clicking on the logo above!

Scout of the World Voluntary Service

  • Make sure that you (or your team) link what you do with a specific SDG or specific SDGs

Please make sure to include this in your Project Proposal 

  • Include the number “100” in your project, for example:
    • 100 volunteers are working on the project
    • The project will require 100 working hours
      (instead of the minimum 80 working hours normally required)
    • Plant 100 trees
    • Raise awareness of 100 families on a certain issue

Your Journey to the Scout of the World Award (Rover Centenary Edition)


Write in to us to indicate your interest in pursuing this edition of the SWA


Complete the SW Discovery Workshop

Past participants (pre 2016) are to read up on the Sustainable Development Goals


Do up and submit a project proposal as per Scouts of the World Award explicitly stating link(s) to the SDGs.

Please also include where the number 100 is significant to your project


Execute your project!


Create a Project Post on WOSM’s Portal sharing about your project and how the number 100 was significant in your project

See the Messengers of Peace submission requirement for detailed instructions on submitting through the portal


Submit a Project Report including a link to your post on WOSM’s Portal to us via the “Report Submission” section for evaluation. 

Please note: Submissions has to be done before the 4th Submission Period (31st December 2018)



You can now be awarded SW Award – Rovers Centenary special edition badge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can either take up the challenge or participate in an SW Award Voluntary Service Project for a minimum of 40 hours (For past SWA Awardees only). The project has to target a specific SDG or specific SDGs, and include the number “100.” You will also need to post your story on

Yes, as long as your project was started after 1st January 2018. All you have to do is to find out which SDG(s) is/are relevant to your project, remind yourself and those involved in the project to focus on it/them, and include the number “100.” Remember, it is essential to tell your story.

The Rover Centenary Edition SWA will only be awarded for projects that was developed and completed within 2018. If the project does not meet the criteria for the Rover Centenary Edition but is able to meet the requirements for the Original Scouts of the World you will be able awarded the original SW Award.

If you are currently an SW Awardee and have past the age requirement, you still are eligible to participate in this Rover Centenary Edition! 

No backdating will not be allowed. All project stages (Identifying, Planning, Doing, Reflection) should be done within this year (2018). 

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