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Plastic Tide Turner Challenge

Plastic Tide Turner Challenge

The Plastic Tide Turners Challenge is a global initiative developed by UNEP, adopted by the World Scout Organization as an integral component of its Earth Tribe Initiative.

The Plastic Tide Turners Challenge will help young people to understand the impact that humans have in the world when it comes to plastic use and consumption and how you can promote a clean, healthy planet that will contribute to a more sustainable world.

Introduction to Plastic Tide Turner Challenge

The Plastic Tide Turners Challenge supports the development of a specific set of competencies in young people to adopt responsible behaviour towards the environment in the area of a “Healthy planet.” This set of competencies is complementary to many others that Scouting recognises through the Earth Tribe Programme and aligned with Education for Sustainable Development Goals.
So, by taking up the Plastic Tide Turners Challenge, young people develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.
This challenge is designed for all young people from 7 years and above, to educate young people about plastic pollution and encourage them to play a part in resolving pressing environmental issues, specifically related to plastics, plastic waste, and plastic pollution.
Young people can obtain the Plastic Tide Turners Challenge recognition badge according to the development and age of each individual. For each age, there is specific knowledge, actions and attitudes to develop through activities and community projects.


Young people can be ambassadors for positive environmental change and action. The Plastic Tide Turners Challenge aims are to:

Encourage young people to have the knowledge, skills and attitude to be responsible toward daily consumption, in particular with plastic, and find environmentally friendly alternatives, following these learning outcomes that are reflected below in the competencies matrix.
Understand what plastic is and how plastic is threatening life in oceans and on land;
Understand how the global community is tackling the issue;
Understand and act to reduce your personal use of single-use plastics;
Inspire your friends, family, school, and community to reduce, reuse and recycle single-use plastics

Take the lead on a wider scale to create lasting change in your region or community related to the use of single-use plastics, marine litter and microplastics, specifically in preventing and recovering water and land ecosystems from pollution.

Take part in the Earth Tribe global community of young people across National Scout Organizations and other institutions who are actively aware, involved in environmental education, specifically in plastic reduction, and collaborate with the community, partners and key actors involved. 


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