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Earth Hour 2019

With over 200 Scouts and 41 young adult volunteers joining, Earth Hour was a great success! As many hands were needed for this Event, it was enriching to have so many celebrate this important event.

Earth Hour is a World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) global environmental movement to help raise awareness and help the environment. WWF first started in Sydney (2007). With the increasing participation, tremendous support from individuals, and generous companies, Singapore has been able to celebrate Earth Hour for over a decade! This year, the three-day festival goal was to rally the local community to come together as Conscious Citizens. Each citizen within the community is important to make the change For Nature. When banded together, local communities will make a mass change globally. With the campaign #Connect2Earth, that is WWF’s goal; to build mass awareness on the importance of nature, as well as drive global awareness to take action for biodiversity.

Making this year’s celebration even better for the Earth, this is WWF’s first zero-waste event. It coincides with the year-long campaign that marks 2019 as the Year Towards Zero Waste in Singapore. This event is also to raise awareness of water issues locally, build a strong 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), as well as to work with partners to rally everyone to treasure Singapore’s precious resources.

One main highlight of WWF was Nature’s Maze. Amazingly, it was entirely made from recyclable materials. Textiles and recycled pipes were some of the materials used to create the ‘forest’ and ‘ocean’ zones in the Nature Maze. Furthering the events no-waste efforts, wooden pallets were used to construct the booths in the event. In addition, recyclable materials such as PP plastic were used to easily mould and reuse after WWF’s event conclusion rounding out the no-waste celebration.

As previously mentioned, this event couldn’t have been accomplished without the help from our volunteers, and sponsors. Without them, the event would not have been as the big success that it was this year.

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