Project Orion IX – Post Project

ProjectBeach clean-up with mock turtle nest excavation
Date7 October 2018, Sunday
VenueEast Coast Park
Participants20 Cubs and Scouts from Colugo Scout Group
The post project participants

With Project Orion IX coming to an end, the team organized a beach clean-up with mock turtle nest excavation which took place on 7th October along East Coast Park Beach. 20 Cubs and Scouts from Colugo Scout Group attended the activity, which started with a short sharing session by the team on Project Orion itself, along with photos of the work that was done in Malaysia. Following that, the team continued to explain the impact of litter on marine animals and how they are of a threat to them, highlighting the importance of keeping our beaches litter free. 

Cubs and Scouts had the opportunity to experience a short beach patrolling and a mock turtle nest excavation where they were taught how dig up a turtle nest and the reasons for it. Ping Pong balls were used as turtle eggs where the participants are required to simulate turtle eggs retrieval from the beach and putting it back into a nest in the hatchery, not forgetting to account for them.

Last on the itinerary was a beach clean-up. Equipped with their tongs and gloves, Cubs and Scouts took to the beach to pick up as many litter as they could. In order to cover a larger area, the group was divided and went in opposite directions during the session. Common litter includes cigarette butts, take-aways that comes with food packaging, plastic utensils, non-reusable straw, plastic bottles, and plastic bags, and sometimes even beach toy set. The group met back with their collections where the team summarized the beach clean-up, highlighting the common litters found on our beaches and concluded the Post Orion Project.

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