14th Scout of the World Discovery Workshop

The Scouts of the World Singapore Base concluded its 14th Scouts of the World Discovery Workshop with 20 local Scouts from 16 to 18 March 2018.

The workshop continued to share key skills such as goal setting, observation, project planning and team management amongst others through activity-based learning over the 3 days, providing participants a good base to work on their service project subsequently.

This workshop featured 2 fieldtrips, the first being a day exploration in one of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhood – Toa Payoh, a residential area with a large elderly population. Participants were asked to assume an identity of their choice to explore the neighbourhood in groups of 2. The reflections and observations were made based on the new identities.

Participants were asked to interact with people during the exploration to seek experiences that they do not usually get. Some participants assumed identities of underprivileged members of society and attempt to discover some of the difficulties faced by them.

Key activities such as ‘Tapped into Citizenship’ continued to be introduced to the workshop participants to examine an individual’s ability to effect change. The aim of this activity is to trigger participants to think about how to make positive changes with the powers they hold.

In the 14th workshop, we brought participants back to one of Singapore’s community-based learning space, Ground-Up Initiative (GUI). GUI offers a community programme called Balik Kampung (‘going home’ in Malay), which encourages volunteers from all walks of life to unwind and be back with the nature.

Participants were engaged in various gardening activities such as seeding, watering, harvesting and some were even tasked to help out at “Touch Wood”, the workshop where used wooden products are being transformed into useful furniture and equipment in the compound.

The workshop closed with the presentation of the Scouts of the World Award to 8 Scouts who participated in the Scouts of the World Voluntary Service ‘Project Orion 8’ in 2017 as well as the first official Messenger of Peace award presentation for 7 young people. As the 14th Scouts of the World Discover Workshop comes to an end, the journey to experience, observe and to TAKE ACTION have in fact, just begun!

We congratulate all awardees and wish them all the best in their scouting journeys!

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