[Registration Open] Scout of the World Award – Discovery Workshop

The Scouts of the World Award (“SWA”) is an initiative to provide young people with more opportunities to face the challenges of the future. It aims to empower and engage youths to take action of world importance based on universal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, respect for nature, and shared responsibilities – criteria identified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are two parts of the SWA – a Discovery Workshop and a Voluntary Service project.

The Discovery Workshop aims to expose young people to the global issues that our Earth and Country are facing – to Explore, Respond and Take Action.  Besides raising awareness of our rich natural heritage and community, the workshop also seeks to equip the youth with development, facilitation and planning skills in preparation for the next phase – the Voluntary Service project.

The Singapore Scout Association is organising an SWA Discovery Workshop this year.

Registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis. You are encouraged to register your scouts through Scout Youth Programme Registration portal:  http://intranet.scout.org.sg by Monday 19 February 2018.

The accepted registration will be duly notified.

Should you have any clarifications, please contact Mr Tan Sijie, Better World Programme Commissioner at Email: [email protected] or Ms Dorothy Teo, Manager (Youth Programme) at Email: [email protected] or Tel:  6259 2858.

We look forward to your active involvement.


  1. SWA – Discovery Workshop_NP_002-2018_SWADW.pdf
  2. 14th SWD_Application Form – Local.doc



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