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Better World Flagship Initiatives
About our Flagship Initiatives
Change through actions
Our aim is to motivate the active citizen mind-set within all young people, Scouts or non-Scouts, and inspire them to take action – to create a better world with a Global Network of Service.
The Better World Framework seeks to synergise and have a collaborative effort across all our Flagship Initiatives and other secondary international programmes. The Singapore Scout Association has taken a step further by synchronising the criteria of the Flagship Initiatives and match it to the sectional programmes across all the echelons.

The Scout Movement has a commitment towards “Creating a Better World”. This is literally about community involvement through Scouting. Hence, society stands to benefit from the Scout Movement by empowering young people to become responsible and committed citizens. Scouting identifies opportunities, both within the Scout Movement and externally, for young people and adult volunteers to be active in society.

This resulted in the birth of the Better World Flagship Initiatives: Scouts of the World Award, Earth Tribe (Champions for Nature, Plastic Tide Turner, Scouts Go Solar), Messengers of Peace, Patrimonito badge, and Dialogue for Peace initiatives.

Flagship Initiatives

Scouts of the World

This programme helps participants understand and act on global issues, so that they may bring about social change at local or international level, in order to create a more open, just and peaceful society.

Earth Tribe

The Earth Tribe is a global community of young people who are passionate about the environment and actively engaged as global citizens to preserve and protect our planet.

Messengers of Peace

The Messengers of Peace (MoP) is an initiative to promote dialogue, peace and social entrepreneurship which impacts both at the local and national level.


With a similar vision to protect our World Heritage, WOSM and UNESCO collaborated and that gave birth to the World Scouting UNESCO World Heritage Recognition Programme (Patrimonito Scout Badge).

Scouts Go Solar

The programme focus on solar projects that are fun and engaging for scouts of all levels. Activities include basic solar energy principles, including solar torch, solar suitcase for camps and a solar campfire.

Dialogue for Peace

The programme is about how to instil dialogue in our hearts and minds as a value, rather than just a skill. It builds a foundation for dialogue in our Movement and strengthens the Scouting value system.

Plastic Tide Turners

The Plastic Tide Turners Challenge will help young people to understand the impact that humans have in the world when it comes to plastic use and consumption and how you can promote a clean, healthy planet that will contribute to a more sustainable world.

Champions for Nature

The Challenge encourages young people to discover more about nature, biodiversity, and sustainable lifestyles, enabling youth to take concrete actions for our planet. It also empowers young people to be active global citizens.

The Better World Flagship Initiatives, which forms the Better World Framework, aim to motivate the active citizen mind-set within all young people, Scouts or non-Scouts, and inspire them to take action – to create a better world with a Global Network of Service.

To demonstrate how the Better World Flagship Initiatives are benefiting from each other, you could do one single project that jointly recognises one or more of the initiatives.

For example: an environmental project that has a sustained engagement of at least 80 hours would satisfy the criteria of the Scouts of the World Award Voluntary Service component, the Environment Project component of World Scout Environment Programme and also recognised as a Messengers of Peace project.

Furthermore, the Better World Framework has been synchronised with the sectional progress and proficiency badge schemes.  The completion of certain sectional progress schemes or proficiency badges will allow you to complete components of the World Scout Programmes.

Flagship Initiatives Eligibility By Section

Guidelines Updated

Some of the initiatives and challenges’ guidelines might have been updated since your last visit. Please make sure you are referring to the latest version of the guidelines.